Stop the Endless House-Hunting: How To Buy A Home Fast
Home shopping made easy

Qualifying for a Mortgage Gets Easier as Rates Inch UP:

A recent NAR survey showed that the average amount of time we shop for homes have gone from 5 months to 19 months.  Really?!  It takes us longer to buy a home than gestate two babies?   

Of course, the honeymoon phase of home shopping, aka the lookyloo stage can be fun.  Thats the phase where we watch an absurd amount of HGTV and casually peruse the Real Estate magazine while were waiting at the car wash.  


Buying a A Home


However, interest rates are inching up and rents are increasing.  If youve been searching for a home for several months without finding the best fit for you and your family, theres a chance youre beginning to feel the urge to put some new fuel on this fire and get things done while the gettins good!

Listen in and learn How To Find A Home That’s Perfect For You, Fast In Today’s Market.

Radio Show: The Word on Wealth, KPRZ, with Real Estate Expert Rebecca Austin & Financial Planner Marty Schneider

Show Date: 09/24/15