Rebecca Austin San Diego Real Estate Expert Looking back, I realize that my home shaped my life. I spent my childhood in a tiny town in Canada helping tourists feel at home within my family’s business. Whether they stayed at one of our cottages or came to our restaurant for breakfast, service was what it was all about. Growing up inside a business taught me so many lessons about discipline, service, and commitment. I watched my dad get up from bed late at night to help a guest with a bag of ice late. And my mom, who would get up long before the sun came up to make countless pies. I learned that you can dedicate your life to helping others and feel very successful at the end of the day through the sheer gratitude of those you serve.

 Helping people feel at home became my mission thanks to my incredible upbringing that little town.   I began my Real Estate career in San Diego in 1999 with Home Builder, Fieldstone Communities. Over the next 9 years I helped hundreds of families build their dream home and eventually found myself in an executive position at the height of the Real Estate boom. Then, everything changed for both myself and millions of others in 2008. Their dream home became a nightmare as the Real Estate and economy crashed. There were so many people to help and I couldn’t help them from where I was as a Home Builder. So, I did what most would say was crazy. I started a Real Estate Brokerage at virtually the worst time in human history. The purpose; to help people out of the bad timing they found themselves in.

 I published a book called, “Work It Out, A Tactical Guide to Negotiating Affordable Payments with Your Lender” and a local radio station called me to do a live interview on the topic.   I went into the studio on a Thursday afternoon at 5pm and watched the phone lines light up with caller after caller needing immediate help. And, I did what I am dedicated to do. I helped them; live on the air.

I have visited that same studio every Thursday since that fateful afternoon in 2008 as the Real Estate Expert for KPRZ AM 1210 in San Diego. Today, the conversation has shifted a bit. We talked about remodling vs selling, the newest technologies, style, as well as buying and selling strategy. But, its still all about the service.

I am blessed to serve San Diego families and help them create a home that serves them.