The Four Simple Steps To Home Buying in 2016

Getting Serious About Buying A Home?  

The Four Simple Steps To Home Buying 


If you had the time and money, would you design and build your own home?  Could you do it without a blueprint or construction experience?  If you said yes, could you do it faster and better if you knew HOW to do it?  Like anything that requires specialized knowledge, buying a home requires a bit of education in order to successfully pull it off.
Here Are Four Steps:
Step 1 – Mortgage Preapproval – It really sucks when you finally find your dream home on the market and you have to scramble to provide the seller with a mortgage Are all pre approvals created equal?  (At approx 3 mins in).
Step 2 – Make sure your seller “gets you”  (At approx 4:30 mins in) by preparing an about us letter to attach to your offer
Step 3 – Make sure you have access to ALL the MLS information.  Only 73% of homes for sale appear on Zillow and 78% show up on Trulia.  (Explained at 6:15)  Although some home shoppers take up to a year to buy and many people say that “its hard” to find a good home in our low inventory, its not hard.  Most weeks for 900 homes get listed for sale in San Diego.  Its not hard.
Step 4:  Make sure you work with an experienced full time agent.  Today’s market is like no other.  Most people are shopping for homes or at least beginning their search for a home on their own without the help of an agent.  But based on the NAR’s 2015 Home Buyer Profile, 91% utilized a Real Estate Agent to represent them in the transaction.  Having an experienced negotiator on your side will undoubtedly save you money and headaches.  The good news is working with an experienced agent and a newbie or part timer is all the same cost to you.  Nothing.  The seller pays all the commissions so take advantage and work with an experienced Buyer Broker.

97% of Home Shoppers begin their search online before deciding on an agent.  94% of Home Buyers enlist the help of a Realtor to buy.    

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Radio Show: The Word on Wealth, KPRZ, with Real Estate Expert Rebecca Austin & Financial Planner Marty Schneider Show Date: 02/04/2016