Costly Home Seller Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

I’m seeing a lot of home buyers and sellers right now and there’s 1 common home sellers mistake that tends to cost homeowners much more than expected.

Common Home Seller Mistakes and How To Avoid Them:

I spend a good part of my life hanging out with inspectors. Home inspectors, termite inspector – they poke around and look a lot closer that most of us ever do at houses. The biggest avoidable expense you can make that most people fail to maintain is TERMITE!

If you own a home in San Diego or are buying a home the best thing you can do to protect your investment is to purchase an annual termite service program. For a couple hundred dollars you virtually guarantee you won’t be surprised with a few thousand dollar surprise!

Reach out to to me! My termite inspector is offering a FREE inspection and a great deal on annual service for all San Diego home owners and listeners!

Problem 1 you’re not seeing all the homes for sale in a tight inventory market

Problem 2 when you try to ask a question you’re most likely going to be stalked by phone sales people trying to get you to sign a contract to buy a home.

Tune in to hear more about these common home seller mistakes and San Diego Real Estate!

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Show Date: 9/3/15